Labeling Enhancers for EM, LM and Blots


                                            Step 1: High Resolution Labeling

                                            Label your proteins and peptides
                                            with our ultra-small gold nanoparticle labels

                                            ...Their tiny size will give you super-specific targeting,
                                            and incredible penetration (up to 40 µm into tissues!)

                                            Step 2: Enhancement for Imaging

                                            Enlarge our ultra-specific labels
                                            with our Silver or Gold

                                            See everything clearly, using our easy kits for EM, LM or blots
                                            --Get amazing images that journals will love!

                                            Buy nowHQ & LI Silver Enhancement Kits
                                            The original Nanoprobes enhancers, widely used in the literature and well trusted.

                                            Buy nowGoldEnhance™ Gold Enhancement Kits
                                            The next generation of labeling enhancement, solving some issues with silver developers.


                                            Why GOLD?

                                            Better than silver in many cases:
                                            • May safely be used before osmium tetroxide staining (silver is dissolved by the oxidizing agent O4; gold is stable)
                                            • Lower backgrounds than silver in many cases; autonucleation minimal even after 1-2 hours
                                            • For SEM, gold gives a much better backscatter signal than silver
                                            • Compatible with physiological buffers (silver precipitates with chloride ion, as in PBS buffer; gold does not)
                                            • Reaction is less pH senstitive than silver, and GoldEnhance™ is near neutral for best structural preservation of biological samples (many silver enhancers have a pH of 3-4)
                                            • Excellent shelf life
                                            • Low viscosity for easy and accurate mixing of components
                                            GoldEnhance Diagram (38k)


                                            Our customers report superb results in their labs,
                                            with real improvement over silver enhancement
                                            for light microscopy, electron microscopy and blots.


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